Coastal Performance was founded on the simple idea that getting our clients the results they want requires great coaching, and great coaching requires people who are committed, professional, and genuinely care about changing lives for the better. Since 2010 we’ve been delivering results for hundreds of clients in a positive, enthusiastic, and motivating atmosphere. We know all of our clients are different, and we treat them that way!

Why Coastal?

  • Four years ago I made the decision to start training with Brendan Hayden at Coastal. Over that time I was met by someone that has the same desire to master his craft as I do. Brendan is always willing to push his clients to the mental and physical limit expecting nothing but the best from them. What separates Coastal apart from other facilities is that the same attention they give to pro athlete clients they give to everyone that walks through his doors. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge, or a person just getting started, I recommend Coastal Performance!
    Tom Koehler, Miami Marlins
  • I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes, from a 36+ to a 33 in five and half weeks. I’ve gotten more flexibility, strength and great condition in the 30-minute workouts each day. It’s taken my workouts to a whole new level. The workouts are hard and intense but they’re fun. The camaraderie is awesome, everybody doing things together, being supportive, and the coaches are awesome.
    Cris P.
  • Thanks to Brendan and his staff at Coastal Performance for helping me to get to another level! Training with Brendan greatly improved my strength and efficiency on the court. In addition, I really enjoyed his company!
    Ersan Ilyasova, Atlanta Hawks
  • I've been training at Coastal Performance for a little over a year. Two and a half years ago I had back surgery and wasn't recovering despite my own efforts in a pool and at a local gym. In fact, manuevering in and out of my truck just to walk in the door at Coastal was difficult at first, but with Ryan's expertise I starting noticing significant improvements within the first few weeks, and I kept improving, even to the point of winning some of the fitness challenges at Coastal! My story is one of dramatic transformation and I would encourage anyone who is going through physical struggles to seriously consider letting Coastal help you get your life back!
    John B.
  • Before coming to Coastal, I had lots of aches and pains in my back and neck as well as weakness and imbalance in my core. Since coming to Coastal I feel amazing and very healthy! I am so much stronger and can participate in anything I want without worrying about paying for it the next day! If you're looking for a gym that can make your program just right, I wouldn't go ANYWHERE else!
    Kathy B.
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