We’re proud to offer 4 distinctive training formats so you’ll get the perfect fit for your goals, personality, and budget!  No matter what option you choose, you’ll have a personal coach assigned to you to guiding your program and providing accountability to keep you on track! 

  • Session Type

  • Private Training

  • Personal Training

  • Pro Training

  • Custom Cardio

  • Goal

  • All Goals, Maximum Results

  • Fat Loss, Lean Muscle

  • Sport and Advanced Training

  • Fat Loss, Conditioning

  • Structure

  • 1-on-1

  • 3 to 1 Maximum

  • Supervised - Up to 6:1

  • Supervised - Up to 12

  • Program Length and Type

  • 60 Min - Completely Custom

  • 55 Minutes - Individualized

  • Varies - Completely Custom

  • 30 Minutes - Templated Based on Level

We're like scientists, only more jacked

In the summer of 2010, the single most important fitness facility in the world opened. I forget the name of it, because I was too busy opening Coastal Performance, a humble 3,000 Square Foot-ish training gym with an ugly ceiling, no heat, and the feel-good motivational phrase “Suck it up, Buttercup” painted on the wall courtesy of the Crossfit box that had previously occupied the space (here’s a video tour). Armed with nothing more than the vision of a better world free from the confines of commercial gym tyranny and shielded from the falsehoods cast by internet fitness superstars, Coastal grew from an ambitious but ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, or at least a moth of some sort. Word got out that even though we didn’t understand things like “marketing” and “aesthetic appeal,” we were pretty darn good at making people awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we soon needed more room for these all these people(and nicer bathrooms). We even got the attention of some people that make a living depending on the awesomeness of their bodies. We’ve helped athletes from Major League Baseball, the NBA, PGA Tour, NHL, Pro Auto Sports, Mixed Martial Arts and numerous other leagues and organizations achieve their best (you knew that was what I meant when I said make a living with their bodies, right?) However, pro sports is only a small part of Coastal Performance. Some of our greatest successes have come from our clients who put on a different kind of uniform everyday; whether it be an executive with a tight schedule but lofty goals, or a selfless parent who’s put their family before their own health and happiness for too long. Today, I’m proud to say we’re no longer just the humble little training gym we were in 2010, but we’ve never lost sight of why we opened our doors in the first place. Coastal Performance was built for change; change to improve our own programs, change to make the fitness industry better as a whole, and most importantly, change to the lives of our clients! Thanks for stopping by! BRENDAN

  1. KAIZEN - The Japanese word for 'constant improvement' represents the never-ending pursuit of building the absolute best fitness and performance training experience for our clients. Quite simply, there is no 'good enough.'

  2. INTEGRITY - We're lucky enough to earn the trust and time of our valued clients in order to help them get more out of their bodies and their lives. We will never risk violating that special relationship by acting in any manner inconsistent with this value.

  3. COMMITMENT TO RESULTS - Our relationship with our clients doesn't end when the session is over; this is a continuous process of support, communication, and education to create the maximum benefit for our clients.

  4. TRANSPARENCY - There is no 'behind the curtain' at Coastal Performance. Our rates, policies, and procedures are readily available, consistent, and unwavering.

  5. FUN! - Experience is a huge part of getting results. We take training seriously, but not ourselves! Our goal is to give you world-class technical coaching without sacrificing the ability to put a smile on your face everyday!

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