Exciting New Technology at Coastal

Coastal Performance continues to bring more helpful technology to our clients, making our training even more effective!!! With our already existing online training system, Trainerize, our clients are never without custom workouts and video instruction, whether at home or on the road. Now, we’re adding MyZone and BioForce HRV to provide more feedback and make training more efficient, fun, and productive!

Get ready for the ultimate in workout performance tracking! You may have seen other gyms utilize heart-rate displays to show how hard everyone is working during a class or group session, but MyZone takes it to a totally different level! With MyZone, the belt comes with your own personal online account, and you can use it ANYWHERE to record your workouts. Traveling for business for a week? Combine your MyZone belt with your Trainerize online workout and you’re no longer losing progress on the road, you’re killing it! MyZone is perfect for our clients who are striving to reach their body composition goals, and love the motivation of seeing how hard their are working REAL TIME!!!

Heart Rate Variability is a HUGE topic in the world of performance training and conditioning. BioForce HRV is an easy to use smartphone application that provides daily feedback as to the effect your lifestyle, nutrition, training, and recovery is having on your body. We’ve been demoing this system for over a month and its remarkable to see how things like stress, sleep, and hard training days affect your bodies ability to function. To put it simply, we can’t simply “train hard and heavy” day in and day out and expect to stay healthy and improve our conditioning. BioForce allows us to view daily, weekly, and monthly trends and adjust training volume and intensity accordingly. This is a MUST HAVE for serious athletes, endurance training, or just those who want to be at their best everyday! Much has been reported in the news about how stress affects fat loss, muscle gain, and general health; BioForce gives us a way to accurately monitor it!

We will be providing more info on how to get access to these great new tools in the coming weeks, stay tuned!!!

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