A complete system to getting lean and feeling great.


We actually know it works. through the use of our InBody Body Composition Analyzer and MyZone Activity Monitors, you’ll be able to see how your body is changing, how hard you’re working, and just how awesome you are in general.  After 12 weeks, you’ll be sporting some new lean muscle and less unwanted bodyfat, and we’ll show you the reports to prove it.  

It’s not just a “theory.”   We are all special little creatures, and the science is pretty clear that when it comes to getting lean, the same exact “stuff” doesn’t work for everyone, at least not as effectively.  At Coastal, we’ll devise a complete lifestyle blueprint that fits not only your schedule and goals, but your body as well!

You’ll survive the whole thing.   There’s a difference between well-designed challenging workouts and the savage sadistic destruction of your entire physical existence that’s become a staple of our YouTube culture recently.  Our goal is to not only make you look amazing, but have you feel amazing too!  We’re trusted by professional athletes under contract for millions of dollars to ensure they stay healthy, so we know a thing or two about smart training.  Many of our clients seek us out because they’ve got an achy lower back, or a bad shoulder or knee because we’ve built a reputation on getting results while reducing movement-related pain and discomfort.  

We’re here for the long run also.  Through our partnership with Precision Nutrition we offer ProCoach, a nutrition and lifestyle coaching system which has helped over 45,000 people lose close to a MILLION pounds.  After your initial 12 weeks, we offer this as part of our annual program at a special reduced rate to make sure your results are here to stay.  

We’ll let you try it out.   For a limited time, we’re offering a 7-day introduction to our program!  You’ll get an Inbody test, a private introductory coaching session, and up to 5 workouts.  That’s over a $350 value, all for only $89!  There’s no obligation with this risk-free trial, so fill out the form below today! 

Test drive L.E.A.N. for yourself!


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