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The best type of Palm Beach Gardens weight loss program not only takes weight off quickly, it prevents it from returning. Permanent weight loss means making lifestyle changes. Those changes don’t have to take a lot of time. By adding three to four hours of exercise to your weekly schedule and learning to eat healthier, you could make those extra pounds disappear and never have to diet again.

Personal trainers first listen to your goals.

Not everyone has or should have the same goals. Each person is different. That’s why trainers first take the time to learn more about you. He or she not only asks about goals, but learns about any special needs, such as physical limitations or food allergies. The trainer also assesses your overall fitness, including identifying any weak muscle groups. The trainer doesn’t do this for just one type of fitness, but does it for all four types; strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Only then does the trainer create a program made specifically for your needs.

You’ll learn how to eat healthier.

Trainers don’t give you a diet, but instead show you how to eat healthier. You’ll learn how to make small changes in what you eat to lower calories or add nutrients to your diet. You’ll find you can eat anywhere and still have a healthy meal. For instance, if you go to Gardens GreenMarket, rather than opting for a high calorie low nutrition meal, you might select fresh vegetables and something more nourishing. That doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally have some of your favorite foods. You can have some of that homemade beef jerky, but first have the conch salad to fill up. That way you’ll only have a piece, not the whole bag.

Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise not only takes weight off faster, it keeps it from returning.

A healthy diet means you make smarter choices, often eating more but consuming fewer calories. You’ll eat more frequently, but smarter. It lowers your caloric intake, while boosting your energy. A program of regular exercise does more than just burn calories while you do it. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue does more than make you look fitter. It burns more calories than fat tissue does, so effectively it boosts your metabolism, burning more calories 24/7. That makes it easier to lose weight and keep it from returning.

Personal trainers will change your workout frequently. That prevents the body from becoming too efficient, which lowers the calories burned.

You’ll learn how to do each exercise correctly. Doing and exercise incorrectly minimizes the benefits and may even cause injury.

Exercising helps burn off stress hormones, which are often linked to abdominal fat.

You’ll sleep better at night after regular exercise. That helps you steer clear of sugary treats in the afternoon as an energy boost.

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