Whether you are training for an athletic scholarship, a college or pro athlete looking for serious results, or a weekend warrior just trying to gain that extra edge, Coastal Performance delivers. Our programs have helped our athletes make dramatic improvements in performance and achieve success at every level in a variety of sports. Each athlete receives not only world-class training and instruction, but also a team committed to their continued development. When you become a part of Coastal Performance, you’re getting more than just a place to work out. You are getting an organization dedicated to your results.

Since 2010, Coastal Performance has worked with athletes from Major League Baseball, The National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, the PGA Tour, Web.com Tour, Champions Tour, and Professional Auto Racing, as well as hundreds of successful college, high school, and youth athletes looking for best training program in the area. With customized programs for ages 10 and up, we specialize in maximizing long-term performance in any sport.


Every Pro Training relationship starts with a complete individual evaluation and testing session that we call the Coastal Combine.  This comprehensive protocol highlights strengths, weaknesses, and potential training roadblocks in order to maximize performance and results.  In addition, it establishes a baseline from which to compare the progress of the training program and measure success.  We use several variations of this evaluation depending on goals, sport, or specific requirements.  But this session isn’t all numbers and measureables; we’ll dig deep into your aspirations, motivation, and mindset too!  


The benefits of this first meeting alone are invaluable.  When the information from the Combine is developed into a training program implemented by our coaching team, the results will speak for themselves.  


Lets get started.  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your Coastal Combine!  We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach the next level! 


Pro Training isn’t just for competitive athletes, it’s a great option for adults looking for advanced training programs to meet specific performance goals.  Each workout is your workout, designed just for you and supported by our coaching staff.  We take the guesswork out of working out and constantly assess your progress to get you the results you want as fast as possible!  

Sound cool?  Fill out the form below and we’ll set up a meeting with our Program Design team.  Besides getting some serious knowledge bombs dropped on you, this session will give you a whole new insight into your body and what you’re capable of! 


At Coastal, we’ve helped hundreds of clients get back to the activities they love doing.  To be clear, we don’t do rehabilitation and we aren’t medical professionals.  However we 



What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • Thanks to Brendan and his staff at Coastal Performance for helping me to get to another level! Workout out with Brendan greatly improved my strength and efficiency on the court. In addition, I really enjoyed his company!
    Ersan Ilyasova, Atlanta Hawks
  • Four years ago I made the decision to start training with Brendan Hayden at Coastal. Over that time I was met by someone that has the same desire to master his craft as I do. Brendan is always willing to push his clients to the mental and physical limit expecting nothing but the best from them. What separates Coastal apart from other facilities is that the same attention they give to pro athlete clients they give to everyone that walks through his doors. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge, or a person just getting started, I recommend Coastal Performance!
    Tom Koehler, Miami Marlins
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