Sports Performance

Sports Performance

coverbhWhether you are training for an athletic scholarship, a college or pro athlete looking for serious results, or a weekend warrior just trying to gain that extra edge, Coastal Performance delivers. Our programs have helped our athletes make dramatic improvements in performance and achieve success at every level in a variety of sports. Each athlete receives not only world-class training and instruction, but also a team committed to their continued development. When you become a part of Coastal Performance, you’re getting more than just a place to work out. You are getting an organization dedicated to your results.

Since 2010, Coastal Performance has worked with athletes from Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the PGA Tour, Tour, Champions Tour, and Professional Auto Racing, as well as hundreds of successful college, high school, and youth athletes looking for best training program in the area. With customized programs for ages 10 and up, we specialize in maximizing long-term performance in any sport.



It’s hard to watch a golf tournament on TV these and not hear something about a certain player’s exercise routine or fitness. Everyone, it seems, has a different opinion on how to “train” for golf. Few, however, have the perspective and experience we can offer at Coastal Performance. Brendan Hayden’s unique background and skill-set combined with the only commercially available Trackman 4 Simulator setup in the area complement our private training environment for a training experience like no other.

With competitive professional play, swing instruction, and thousands of hours as a golf fitness coach under his belt, Hayden can “close the loop” to unlocking your performance on the course. And as a two-time sectional qualifier in the RE-MAX World Long Drive Championships, he knows a few things about hitting it longer also!

Training in our golf program gives you access to a host of unique features:

  • Complete game and body evaluation including the Trackman Combine
  • A customized training program encompassing all aspects of performance and injury prevention
  • An individualized Trackman practice program and use of the hitting bay
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The best way to ensure you get the results you want, whether that be a leaner body, improved sport performance, or just health and vitality, is through the expertise, accountability, and support of a professional coach.

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