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If you dread the skimpy clothing of the summer or dread trying on bathing suits, it may be time to sign up for a West Palm bootcamp. Boot camps are run by personal trainers who design programs for each person attending the camp. That’s right, you’ll get an individualized program based on your level of fitness, goals and special needs. It will be tough, but still within your capabilities.

As you improve, the trainer will make adjustments to your program.

While the program will be tough, eventually, you’ll find it becomes easier and easier. Guess what! That’s when the trainer makes it harder to match your new level of fitness. That’s a step most people fail to take when they workout on their own and one reason working out at a boot camp reaps such big rewards. You’ll work hard, but still within your capabilities.

You’ll learn how to do every exercise correctly.

Not only will the trainer show you how to do each exercise, he or she will watch you to insure you’re using the proper form. Sometimes just turning your wrist wrong can make a huge difference or exhaling when you should be inhaling. Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury or just be far less effective.

Everyone will be doing the same exercise, but doing it slightly differently based on their fitness and special needs.

Special needs can include things like back problems, injuries or joint problems. That’s why it’s important for trainers to have that information. They can modify the exercise so you don’t exacerbate the injury or cause pain. Creating a workout specifically for your needs means you’ll never get bored or feel left behind. While everyone may LOOK like they’re doing the same exercise, in reality, some will be doing more reps, a modified form or more intensity.

You’ll get a bargain at a boot camp. Everyone shares the cost of the boot camp, so it’s less expensive per person. You get the benefit of having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the price of private sessions.

You’ll have fun at a boot camp. Sure you’ll groan and complain, but it can be a lot of fun. Everyone knows how hard it is, so there’s plenty of empathy. You’ll often hear people cheer each other on to success.

You won’t plateau when you workout with a trainer. That’s because the trainer adjusts the workout frequently to avoid letting the body become efficient. When the body is efficient at an exercise, it burns fewer calories.

You’ll learn a lot of different exercises to do at home after the camp ends. Most people sign up for the next camp because it’s so much fun.

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