What Do You Love About Yourself

%image_alt%You might think that feeling shame is the way to drive you to lose weight, but that’s not true. You have to figure out what you love about yourself to get the maximum benefits. How you look shouldn’t play a part in whether you exercise or not or whether you like yourself. In fact, you should always feel good about yourself no matter what your size or shape. Hating the person you are is counterproductive. It can lead you to believe you don’t deserve to be healthy and fit.

You should take care of yourself as you’d take care of your child.

When you love yourself, you’ll take better care of your body. You’ll treat yourself well, eating healthy and exercising to stay fit. You’ll feel you deserve that, as well as deserve adequate sleep. People who accept how they look have the best success. It doesn’t mean they want to continue to look that way or feel that way, but they don’t undergo self-loathing because of it. That only causes further anger and depression that can wreck an exercise program.

It may be hard to find something you love about yourself.

Not everyone can do this easily. You may recognize this trait in yourself. For years, you may have been subjected to insults and have begun to believe them. You may have taken ownership of the insults and firmly planted these as truths. In order to break the cycle, you may have to start small. Find one thing about yourself that you like. I had one client that could only identify her thumb as the part of her body she liked. It was shapely and almost perfect. She focused on that and eventually liked her hand, then her arm and finally whole body. That gave her the incentive to continue on her fitness program, because now she realized she deserved it.

Eating healthy helps you feel better, too.

When you learn to give up unhealthy foods and make smarter choices when it comes to food, you’ll avoid many of the sugar highs and lows that can plague you with cravings. It also can make you feel depressed when it’s low. You’ll boost your morale when you know you’ve made smart choices and are treating yourself well. The best thing about eating healthy is that it doesn’t ever leave you feeling deprived. You can even eat some of your favorite foods, just not as much of them.

Exercise can burn off the hormones created by stress. Those hormones are not only bad for your health, they can cause abdominal fat as well as serious conditions.

When you exercise, you also boost the hormones that make you feel good, relaxed and positive.

You’ll sleep better at night with a program of regular exercise. A good night’s sleep can help prevent serious conditions, such as heart conditions.

If you’re having problems with loving yourself, just knowing you’ve started a program of regular exercise can give you a boost of self-esteem.

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